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Teaching Topics

Slovak ApronCOLOR AND DESIGN CHALLENGES: Explore and get a working handle on color and design in fiber. Using simple weaves, mostly on 4 shafts, learn to design and weave effective designer, art, decorative and functional fabrics. Deal with color reality, pattern and texture, quantitative and qualitative variables, negative and positive space, original plaids, fractals and more using various color systems and tricks to create visual illusion in cloth. Slide view, tune in and weave classic and classy examples of color work for the 21st century inspired by Anni Albers and other heritage 20th century weavers. [We have Anni’s Albers’ Bauhaus countermarch loom at ARTS!]

SLOVAK FOLK TEXTILES: Culminating many years of research... Working from authentic textiles and slide documentation, learn about a folk culture of Eastern/Central Europe — blueprinting, supplementary weft patterns, folk dress, flax and wool traditions, spinning and weaving equipment. This Workshop can focus on (1) handweaving methods and patterns from documented Slovak textiles for new design applications using harnessettes and other unique loom adaptations on 2 and 4 shaft looms, and/or (2) handspinning worsted and semi-worsted methods, the staple of folk society, using a sitting distaff to spindle and wheel, paddle combs and other combing modifications and methods.

HISTORIC COVERLETS, AMERICAN TEXTILE TRADITIONS AND THEIR MAKERS: Become acquainted with antique coverlet patterns and unique Americana textiles, slide view the exciting story of tracking down their makers, analyze actual coverlets, sample historic weave structures on looms, learn to read and weave 18th and 19th century drafts, reference rare manuscripts, put profiles to use to weave them as block weaves in both traditional and modern ways. Consider weave identification, pattern documentation, fabric analysis, draft development, colorways, finishing and conservation.

Computer Cat & Mouse

COMPUTER TEXTILE DESIGN AND WEAVE: Overview of all major affordable textile drafting and design software + other software adaptations for textiles with the PC including MAC crossovers. Compare features and cost of each. Learn to access the Web and its awesome resources. Unique bound booklet with extensive up-to-date references included. Work with hands-on programs you select, computer-assisted if loom/s available. Sigrid brings all basic hardware and software needed. [Alpha and beta tester of many weaving design software and loom interfaces since 1984, she brings a wealth of cutting-edge knowledge of computers programs, American and international, without bias toward any program or method approach to designing/weaving.]

WEAVE A LEGEND * WEAVE A COVERLET: Ever find yourself dreaming of weaving a coverlet but wondered where to begin? Or felt the task too daunting? Whether you wish to create a family heirloom, reproduce a coverlet or just sample some of the wonderful historic patterns, this workshop is your chance to immerse yourself in American textile history. Work Sessions – how-to’s to read, analyze and reproduce antique textiles, design your own; Weave Sessions – sampling for a finished project.

FABRIC ANALYSIS IS FUN! What do you do when you see a wonderful woven fabric and want to weave it but there is no written draft to assist you? Learn how to analyze and re-weave simple, layered and complex fabrics by traditional methods as well as specialized methods. Learn tricks to quickly memorize and document them. Evaluate your strengths by playing "Name That Weave". Now weave them again for yourself! (Can't schedule this topic? Then join my Complex Weavers "Fabric Analysis" Study Group! Click here for more information.)

PLAYING WITH BLOCKS – DISCOVER FROM FOUR TO MORE: Weaving with more than 4 shafts need not be a hassle. Learn to design and weave the basic weaving structures on 4 and expand them to more. Get a handle on designing using blocks and units. Every loom is threaded to a different basic weave structure. Come away with samples which "push the envelope" but more important, with the tools which are the building blocks of design.

Select  from these "Basics Modules", each customized for your event...

bulletDrafting can include thread-by-thread, structure, color and interlacement drawdowns and drawups; profiles and unit subs; traditional "tromp as writ", "as drawn in" and "treadled as threaded"; name drafting; reading historic drafts; fabric analysis basics; manipulate scale --> miniaturize and enlarge patterns and/or computer drafting.
bulletHands-on Techniques can include warping by various methods, including modifications of standard methods, on-loom techniques such as shuttle use and rotation, "spreading the warp", putting in a "cutting line", weaving in a starting rod, tying on new warps, useful knots, lots of tips from an expert! Use this topic as both a learning tool for new weavers and as a review for weavers at all level.   

Class Samples from Australia

bullet Color and Design Challenges
bullet Slovak Textiles
bulletTextiles of Thailand and Laos
bullet Historic Coverlets,
American Textile Traditions
and their Makers
bullet Computer Textile Design

Fabric Analysis is Fun!                                                                              


Drafting Basics                                                                                          

bullet Playing with Blocks
bullet Hands-On Loom Techniques and Tips                               

Samples on display from Sigrid's "Color and Design Workshop " in Australia

Learn not only how to weave bands with cards/tablets but also how to design them!  Topic includes applications for tape looms, belt looms and/or inkle looms plus reference trims of finger weaving and other methods of finishing.

WEAVING WITH FINE THREADS AND IN MINIATURE: Small is beautiful. Fine threads create "real cloth". Learn to manipulate pattern, vary scale larger and smaller, weave with fine threads and in miniature; work session and practical hints.  [This topic has been popular since 1984!]

TEXTILE CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION: Almost everyone needs expert advise at some time on the care of special textiles, from coverlets to quilts to samplers to teddy bears. Do you know what and who to ask? Evaluate textile characteristics such as fibers and dyes, consider how to select what to keep, value, storage, use of archival materials, displaying and mounting, if and when and how to clean them, professional restoration and cost considerations, . 

HOLIDAY CARDS: weave up some fun. Design and adapt holiday images, work with profiles, selecting appropriate threads and structures. [Wire-bound Handout Booklet and display of over 500 handwoven cards!]

THE SHUTTLE BUS:  Shuttle tricks of the trade... the many considerations of how a shuttle can be thrown, caught and otherwise manipulated. How are mill shuttles, rag shuttles and end-delivery shuttles different? What shuttle should be used for what purpose? Which is correct, which preferential and why? What are the traditions? When do you break them? How is shuttle rotation best accomplished? Hands-on includes winding pirns and bobbins.  Use, try and compare dozens of different shuttles and applications.

bulletEach topic is interactive and customized with extensive displays, slides and/or hands-on Work Sessions
bulletEach topic can optionally be enhanced with computer applications
bulletAll Workshops can be presented as Keynotes, Seminars or Work Sessions
bulletAll Workshops include wire-bound Booklets with valuable bibs, work sheets, loom info
bulletMost Seminars include Handouts which are free
bulletAll Workshops on-looms require only the most basic skills
bulletAll Seminars are for all levels
bulletSigrid has published articles on all these subjects and has taught them for almost 30 years at home and abroad

Wish to know more about any of these topics? Email Sigrid regarding additional information and questions. Request a full Resumé. Check out scheduling availability.

PHOTOS TOP TO BOTTOM: Slovak Textiles, Computer Cat and Mouse, Samples from one of Sigrid's Workshops in Australia..."Color and Design".


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