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"Best of Handwoven", New Yarn Series, 10/2 cotton, weaavingtoday.com, Swedish-Lace Curtain, A Dozen Projects, pp.10-11-12.

Information on these will be updated as indicated

MICHAEL WEAVER's 1827 Coverlet Pattern Book Project
SHADOW WEAVES: The unpublished shadow weaves of Marian Powell on CD.

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The Best of Weaver's: Overshot is Hot!, "A Miniature World: Doll House Coverlets", XRX, Inc., 2008, pp.14-15.

Complex Weavers Greatest Hits – In Celebration of 21 Years, Book and CD, Complex Weavers, 2001; 3 contributions; drafts on CD; distributed by Marjie Thompson, 213 Main St., Cumberland ME 04021, 2000.

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"Spot Bronson Takes a Turn in Striped Pillows", Handwoven, November/December 2009, pp. 60-62. (The creative genius of southern weavers left us with this historic method of weaving a 3-shaft honeycomb spot bronson on only 2 shafts!)

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