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See a Video of Sigrid's recent jacquard handweaving, including the Grand Rapids Art Museum's Invitational Exhibit.
(click here)

In addition to the other dozen standard and interfaced looms at ARTS, Sigrid welcomed this incredible loom in Summer 2003.  It has 6 modules and 1320 heddles, each of which work independently.  With no shafts this loom is able to create thread-independent sheds making the weaving of almost any fabric a possibility.  For the student, the challenge is to understand and use structure effectively with appropriate yarns and sett to create technically excellent textiles. 
State-of-the-art equipment is in keeping with Sigrid's goals at ARTS of working out of historic research of antique fabrics  using interlacements and inspiration from traditional sources, on the one hand; on the other, she pushes the boundaries of the creation of handweavings by use of the latest and most advanced "cutting edge" technology in this new century.  Above she is weaving 8 end satins, rotating 4 shuttles and inlaying a fifth color, to produce woven art. Below is this work woven and off the loom.
Sigrid's Solo Exhibit from August to October 2007 at Westminster College in New Wilmington PA, entitled "THE CREATIVE EDGE: INNOVATIVE JACQUARD WORKS AND RETROSPECTIVE", included an exciting Opening Reception with Gallery Talk, Walk Through and Weaving Demonstration. Several dozen new works feature an intriguing look into a wide variety of imposing structures.
Butterflies Asleep
Butterfly Asleep Closeup

"The Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) features "Breaking Boundaries: Weaving Digitally", an invitational exhibit of handwoven jacquards using the TC-1 loom. Dates of June 14th through August 20th coincide with Convergence 2006 in Grand Rapids. Eleven artists from across the world showcase twenty-two exciting and diverse pieces. All work on this loom can be produced with a wide variety of threads. This is something unique that is not seen in mil! jacquard weavings because this option is not available. My weavings are "To My Love, My Love Fore ver More" and "Nights Silent Witness".

My Love Forever More
My Love Woven
My Love Closeup
Night's Silent Witness
Night's Closeup
The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts collabora tes with the Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association for "Up Over Down Under", a juried exhibition which was at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in Shadyside through April 23rd, 2006. The exhibit then travelled to Sydney Australia's Parliament House, Australia's oldest building. And then to "The Gap" in Brisbane Australia, returning to the USA in September 2006. One is entitled "Sunset at Sea: Somewhere Between Time and Eternity" and the other is "I can't Thank You Enough" (framed and close-up as yardage).

Sunset at Sea
I Can't Thank You Enough
Thank You Close Up
"The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) sponsors a juried exhibit "Game Show Detroit", an interactive exhibit devoted to the art of games and the game of art! Dates of June 10th through July 23rd. Exhibits include new interactive games designed by artists, familiar and imagined, that fuse the idea of play, games, art. My work is one playable by visitors, entitled "A-MAZE-ING". It was designed by Dave Phillips who is well-known in the games world, having published thousands of mazes and designed "corn mazes" for summer institutions." See www.gameshowdetroit.com and www.gameshowdetroit.com/about.html .

Maze on the Loom
Sigrid Weaving Amazing Silks
These exciting images are woven in fine silk and chenilles, hand-dyed: "Mountain Mist Enshrouds" and "Sunset Transforms".

Mountain Mist Image
Mountain Mist Weaving
Mountain Mist Closeup
Sunset Image
Sunset Transforms Weaving
Sunset Closeup

"Golden Opportunity" is an exhibit digitally projected at a Conference held by the Ethical Metalsmiths in association with the Society of North American Goldsmiths at their Conference in Chicago, Marx-Saunders Gallery, May 26th, 2006. From there it moved to London England and presented as part of the Conference sponsored by the Association of Contemporary Jewelry. For an introduction see www.ethicalmetalsmiths.org/index.html My piece, "Threads of Gold", features a 24-shaft silk weaving couched with 24K gold thread. For my weaving see http://www.ethicalmetalsmiths.org/GO/Piroch.html You may enjoy clicking through the Gallery for some interesting art work.

Fashion clothing is also an exciting end product of the hand jacquard loom. The following images show a variety of silk and tencel fabrics, mostly complex twills, which are featured on Ingrid Boesel's Thrillinq Twills CD. For more information on these designs, see the bottom of the page of http://www.fiberworks-pcw.com/product.htm.


New work: "Water Sprite with Daffodil", "Fat Cats" and "Two Tu-lips". Inquire re pricing for these images.

Two Tu-lips
Water Sprite with Daffodil
Fat Cats

Sigrid's earlier exhibits include complex weaving for the PA Council on Arts, regional guilds, and in association with teaching at regional conferences in the USA, Canada, 5 countries in Europe, SE Asia, New Zealand, and Australia/Tasmania.

At Convergence 2004 my new jacquard work was shown in the Teacher's Exhibit, Bhatii Ziek showed more in her Seminars and, at the Complex Weavers Seminars, Sheila O'Hara showed addition of my new work in her Keynote Address on "Contemporary Hand Jacquard Weaving -- One Thread at a Time". Vibeke Vestby of Norway, developer of the TC-1 loom, showed slides of my newest work in Turkey at a conference in 2005.

These "tongue-in-cheek" images of mine were seen being woven in the TC-1 Booth:
"Where's the Beef?"
"What's the Question?"

Other earlier work on the TC-1 includes these angels, from miniature to full size, woven in one, two, and three colors.


"Angel of Light", first weavings 2003:  L --> (1) 7" x 15" twill angels on the cloth beam, and one finished; moving R --> miniatures 4"x6":  2-color 1-shuttle and 4-color 2-shuttle satins. 


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