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Design Book

Design Book Cover

This book is the first in a series on the works of Elmer Wallace Hickman, a textile designer from the 1930's through the 1960s. Each of his Folios, eagerly awaited, was shipped to his "subscribers", many to very distant places. EWH was a pioneer. He put out 24 Folios in 20 years with actual handwoven samples and drafts of "modern weaving" which included the use of the first novelties and glitter yarns. We would call these designer fabrics today. In addition, his Scandinavian Art Folios are unique in their presentation of these techniques. In addition to fabrics, he included many design concepts which are easy to understand and exciting to use on simple looms.

DESCRIPTION:  This book is termed a "Monograph" as it is meant to fit into a series of books which are to include the full works of EWH. In fact, it is book-length, containing the first of his designer Folios, almost four. It is over 160 pp long, with 178 photographs [some in color], 53 illustrations/plates/line drawings, 5 yarn charts, 47 sets of "Designer Notes", 24 tables, 65 weaving drafts + "Photo Gallery" in color and B&W, peel-off thumbnails for designing, EWH weavers, Dutch warping and Showcase of projects taken in an historic house circa 1865 in Franklin PA.

There are only a few copies of this book left! TO ORDER:  send check or money order in US funds made out to ARTS at the address below ► $24.95 for each copy + $5 shipping/handling; PA orders only, please add 6% state tax.

THE FUTURE:  The "Design Challenges" book was published by Sigrid in 1991 using the first desktop publishing tools available, then sent to the printers camera-ready. State grants were helpful in getting some 4-color process color done for the next Monograph on the Scandinavian Art Folios in the series but funding was not sufficient to publish. Since 1991 things have changed considerably in DTP. It is our hope over the next several years to put together the remainder of EWH's works as edited books, updated as with the first which include "Design Notes", but now all fabrics can be shown in color which is, finally, affordable on CD!

JOIN US!  If you have woven any of EWH's designs, please let me know. We are still seeking examples of his work -- samples and finished weavings. If you are interested in weaving his designs, traditional or modern, please let us know that as well. This project includes the work of artists, crafts people and students. Thank you!


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