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Camping with Luise

This web site is dedicated to my dear friend, Luise Ziegler, "weaver and person extraordinaire", who died too soon of cancer in April, 1999. Luise was a dear friend of so many! Although proficient at spinning and weaving on even complex looms including her drawloom, her thoughts first were always of what she could do for others. Here remembering the good times... including several teaching tours we did of guilds in Canada and the US + teaching Convergences and other teaching conferences  in her little camper. As here, serving up a dinner of artichokes, time well spent in California after teaching at Convergence there a few years ago!

Remembering also her help with:

bulletComputing text in historic documents as with
Elmer Wallace Hickman
bulletDeveloping drafts and disk files as with Marion Powell
bulletReweaving missing and burned historic samples as with
Dr. Bateman
bulletSorting down and organizing boxes of "handwoven orphans"
to go to good homes
bulletResearching textiles with me at home, in dorm rooms, wherever...
bulletSorting through yarns in attics and out-of the-way places for lost info
bulletAssisting as my aide in many workshops, US/Canada/New Zealand
bulletAs a professional baker, forever turning out trays full of baked goods
and delivering them to good causes
bulletAssembling hundreds of study group samples without being asked
bulletShowing up without notice, out of the blue like an angel, many times
over at conferences at just the moment she was needed!
bulletWould you believe... even coming up with the idea for making warps
once for a series of my workshops on short notice from cross-country!
["Sure, just ship me the yarns, Sig."]
bulletYes, always seeking out the needs of others to assist... countless times
dropping whatever was happening in her life -- for her Church, for her
guild on Whidbey Island and Fiber Forum, for her guild in Seattle, for the
Complex Weavers and whoever/whatever/whenever paths she crossed.
She thought even to leaving her books, samples and equipment to those
who could most profit after she died.
bulletA life of love and of charity in action, not just words...

It's not the things one can list on a page which are in the heart,
rather it is those things which cannot be put into words.
Thanks so very much, Luise, for giving of yourself so very much to so very many!

Since Luise touched so many lives... we invite others to add to this dedication.
If interested, please contact Sigrid.


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