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Fabric Analysis

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Complex Weavers is an organization whose purpose is to share information and encourage interest in complex weaving. But what is complex? That, my friend, is a study all by itself! My feeling is that anyone who is curious about textiles and wishes to expand their knowledge will find this group of interest. Although you need not join a study group, many do, so to better understand who is a member take a look at the current list of study groups. In addition to my study group on Fabric Analysis, current study groups include: Beads and Interlacements, Beyond Plain Weave Garments, Computer Aided Design and Computer Tools Email, Collapse Pleat and Bump, Crackle, Damask, Double Harness, Double Weave, Early Weaving Books and Manuscripts, Eight or Less can be Complex, Fine Threads, Kumihimo on the Kadudai/Marudai/Takadai, Math and Textiles, Medieval Textiles, Passementerie, Sample Exchange, Sixteens, Structure, Tied Weaves and Twenty-Four or More with new groups forming all the time.

To learn more about CW, their events including their bi-annual Seminars following Convergence, this and other study groups, check out their web site at

This Study Group has now been merged with several other Complex Weavers Study Groups including the newer Early American Coverlets Study Group. The information below is kept for your reference because all the work from my Study Group is now archived in the Complex Weavers Library and therefore, as a member, you are welcome to request it for the cost of postage both ways. What a deal!

This group is a study group, not a sample exchange. Where possible, however, we do like to see an actual sample of the original fabric. And it is true that some members have woven a sample of the analysis, sharing that as well. The group has already shared information from a wide variety of approaches, including:

bulletAnalysis as a basis for design
bulletAnalysis of original fabric with re-woven sample
bulletAnalysis from a photograph of a textile
bulletComparison of various analysis methods
bulletA programmer’s approach
bulletAnalysis of American textiles including coverlets
bulletAnalysis of foreign textiles from Italy, Taiwan, Lithuania, Burma, Slovakia, Latvia, Thailand and more
bulletAnalysis of silk ties
bulletAnalysis of twills, damasks, multilayered fabrics, turned drafts
bulletHow to mark warp and weft
bulletIn addition to plotting out the threads, what else does analysis entail?
bulletFiguring out structure – what to call it?
bulletReview of publications on analysis: Tidball, Zielinski, Burnham, etc.
bulletDiscussion and contributions to a fabric analysis bibliography
bulletChapter by chapter copies from old analysis books

JOIN US: If you are a member of the Complex Weavers and are interested in contributing to this study group, you may join by contacting Theresa Homolac at theresa.homolac@intel.com with an introductory statement as to why you wish to be a member [required] and payment of annual dues: $12 US and $14 foreign.  Newsletters are sent 3 times/year. Although we hope all members will contribute in various ways throughout the year, a minimum of one contribution per year is required to stay active.

CHECK OUT my book The Magic of Handweaving -- The Basics and Beyond, Chapter 13 from page 126, for the most complete introduction to fabric analysis available; includes step-by-step working through of an actual analysis of an antique cloth.


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