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CONCEPT was inspired by ANNI ALBERS and the ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT when her loom from the Bauhaus was donated to the Studio. We are located in an area along the Allegheny River. This is nature’s woods and water paradise! You will fall in love with it first site, just as we have!ARTS Sign

ARTS is a TEACHING STUDIO. ARTS does sell equipment and supplies to anyone but ARTS is not a store. As we are rural, we want to make equipment and supplies available for students, guilds, organizations and the general public.

ARTS is LOCATED in Emlenton and Foxburg PA, lovely little towns 4 miles apart on Allegheny River. We are just off I-80 between old Exits 5 and 6.  Check with us for directions and to be sure we're here to greet you.

In 1995 ARTS in Emlenton was established as a STUDIO, a 3-story building with additional 2-floor extension. An extensive RENOVATION PROJECT over the past 8 years has resulted in an efficient and creative environment:  skylights and Ott lighting, loom rooms, design classroom, AV center, remodelled kitchen, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms sleep 5.

ARTS Roses

ARTS LOG HOME and OFFICE in Foxburg is located in a large historic facility which was built in 1910 of logs taken from authentic 1870's log cabins throughout the county -- each log taken down was numbered and put up again! We are directly across from the oldest GOLF COURSE in continuous existence in the USA and just a few steps down from the AMERICAN GOLF HALL OF FAME. A few blocks away is The Foxburg Inn on the Allegheny, a brand new state-of-the-art [affordable] RESTAURANT with a breathtaking view of the River. A new hotel has just been built along side on the water.

Here at ARTS we feature HANDWEAVING WORKSHOPS, HANDSPINNING WORKSHOPS and COMPUTER DESIGN WORKSHOPS from "the basics" through complex, held for small groups as well as private lessons customized according to individual needs and interests.  Our students who wish to come as a group around a specific topic, organize themselves and confirm dates with us, saving each person costs.  Each additional individual in the group lowers the rates for all.

ARTS Porches

ARTS MISSION is five-fold. We are (1) a Teaching Studio, (2) Archival Facility, (3) Textile Depository, (4) Research Center and (5) regional HUB for special projects relating to textiles.

ARTS GOALS:  as a TEACHING STUDIO ARTS provides "The Basics" as well as advanced sessions in a variety of topics for weaving, spinning and dyeing for all ability levels of crafts persons and artisans, customized for their needs. ARTS recognizes that we are unique in that we work with all the computer textile design software, their features and applications, as well as computer-assisted looms. We have 4 computer-assisted handlooms and are especially proud of our jacquard TC-1 loom from Norway which is state of the art.  ARTS as an ARCHIVAL FACILITY houses classic and rare books, documents, textiles and an extensive collection of textile samples for use by students, researchers and historians, on the one hand + computer design technology information and samples, on the other. ARTS as a TEXTILE DEPOSITORY houses antique textiles representative of the textile history of America and Europe, most notably western PA and Eastern Europe folk life heritage. ARTS is proud to be a RESEARCH CENTER and HUB for special area textile projects and pilots.

ARTS VISION is two-fold: (1) to document and preserve our textile arts heritage, (2) to instruct and otherwise make this accessible to the arts community world-wide. This includes all individuals who share our goals, without regard to race or age or creed or country of origin:  students, researchers, historians and lovers of the textile arts. ARTS means to bridge the gap from the past — the textiles, techniques, equipment and information which is our legacy from previous centuries — into the future with full respect for traditional methods as we continue these traditions in a new century utilizing the latest technologies... including computers and computer-assisted equipment. Indeed, ARTS is on the cutting edge of this new technology and plans to stay there. ARTS recognizes a special relationship with the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Bauhaus philosophy of design, closely linked to each other and to Anni Albers’ loom in our Studio. We recognize that this is a critical time for preservation of our cultural heritage and historic traditions due to many such facilities having closed in recent years. Our intent is to reach across the arts, to enhance our textile work with renewed energy and resources, and in so doing to contribute to its growth and understanding at all levels.

ARTS ASSETS AND EQUIPMENT:  We have an extensive LIBRARY of HANDWOVEN SAMPLES, BOOKS AND PERIODICALS, COLLECTIONS OF ANTIQUE TEXTILES from around the world.. and a considerable cache of yarns. Two of ARTS unique HANDWEAVING LOOMS were donated: one is a computer-assisted handloom with airlift for 8 shafts from David Thorpe in New Zealand — the only one in North America, it is ideal for handicapped use; the other is Anni Alber’s historic "Harald Marquardson" fly shuttle loom from Flemsburg, Germany [near the Danish border] which she wove on at the Bauhaus and which she brought to America — it was donated to ARTS by the Weavers Guild of Pittsburgh via the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in 1995, a National Trust purchase. Textiles woven on it by Anni were later acquired by the Busch-Reisinger Museum at Harvard. It is a wonderful old loom but, when we received it, it had been modified as an 8 shaft counterbalance and would not weave. We have rebuilt it as it was originally, as an 8 shaft countermarch loom, under the able guidance of Gudrun Weisinger of British Columbia who is a German Master Weaver. We are, in addition, especially proud of our state-of-the art Norwegian Tronud Engineering AS TC-1 JACQUARD LOOM. ARTS also has eight SPINNING WHEELS, new and historic, parlor wheels to treadle wheels to walking wheels as well as sitting distaffs and quite a variety of combs and carders. ARTS office includes extensive COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE for Computer Textile Design Workshops.

Sigrid Piroch is ARTS Founder and Director.

NOTE concerning our web site <*.org>... With the help of a state arts organization we initially planned ARTS as non-profit. However, because of consultant administrative problems, this did not transpire.  Yet our spirit and community vision, world-wide in scope, lends itself admirably to continuing this designation.

PHOTOS TOP TO BOTTOM: ARTS Studio Logo Sign, ARTS with roses in bloom, ARTS log home -- double porches.

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